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December 22, Joyful Holidays

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The house was clean. The fridge was stocked. The Christmas tree lights were shining. So I headed out into the snowy day to play with my best pal Chloe on the nearby golf course. The pure joy and exuberance that she exhibits on snow days makes me so happy. I realized I was walking around with a big grin on my face, watching Chloe zoom to and fro, looking at the big falling flakes, thinking about the impending meals and visits with loved ones. Happy holidays! May yours be full of joy.







dog in snowAll images © Susannah Allen 2011

September 28, Colorado pet photography of a new kitten

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It has been a big week for my household. Yesterday I drove all the way down to Colorado Springs and back to pick up our brand-new (and first) whitewater raft. Today I headed into Boulder to pick up our brand-new kitten. I had a lot of things on my “to do” list this week that aren’t being accomplished due to the new arrivals, and I am trying to be okay with being behind. Watching a kitten pounce, attack, hide, and play makes it a lot easier. In fact, today is a wonderful day. How often do you get to have a new kitten in your life?!

Well, if you are me and Rob, we last had a new kitten almost two years ago now. He was an orange tabby, just like my (Prince) Harry. We named him Oscar, and he was mighty, mighty cute. His purr was like a relaxing machine gun that, when combined with Harry burrowing into my neck, helped me fall asleep every night. Unfortunately, after a couple months of spending time with Oscar, we found out he had F.I.P., an awful cat disease that has no cure and cannot be prevented by a shot. He died soon after, our hearts were broken, and we have been talking about getting another kitten ever since. Harry loves having a playmate to keep in line and keep him company. Not sure why I just went off on that tangent…I guess I still miss Oscar and am worried that our new little girl won’t be as healthy as want?!

This kitten is like none that I’ve ever owned–she is fearless, playful, friendly, rough, sweet, loving, and a complete spaz. She tried to bite her way out of the cardboard box the Humane Society sent her home in. She cut her eye after trying to escape some sort of situation after her spaying surgery. She even came with the name Honey Badger! But I want to name her Pippa, since that names sounds cute and spunky. And we already have a Harry in the house, so it is even more perfect! We’ll see how the name game plays out…

So, for now introducing…???  Pippa Honey Badger Allen!??!!

A new pet kitten with blue eyes

Colorado kitten photography

kitten peeks from bed

Colorado house kitten

Kitten pet photographyAll images © Susannah Storch 2011