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Denver Pet Dog Fun {Double the Fun with Zoe and Daisy}

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These two Shih Tzu / Yorkie mixes were a blast to photograph in Denver. Look at the smiles in some of the photos, especially the one with their lovely person! And look at the shape of those legs–so cute! Like many of my pet sessions, we photographed the dogs at the owner’s home. Her flowering backyard was a great spot, but I was especially excited about the zig-zag wall in the garage. Too cool. As always, enjoy.


All images © Susannah Allen 2014

Boulder Pet Photography {Raina}

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One of the hardest things and biggest honor as a pet photographer is being hired to take images of a sick pet. I send extra love to the each dog and cat, and focus on capturing the best images possible. This lovely dog Raina had been having a hard time walking, and her dedicated human team helped care and comfort her as best they could.


All images © Susannah Allen 2014

Boulder Pet Puppy Photography {Introducing Rusty}

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Introducing Rusty! He has stolen the hearts of many since being adopted from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Isn’t he the cutest?! And so lucky to be adopted by Jeremy and Sarah.


© Susannah Allen 2012

Denver Dog Photographed in Lyons, Colorado {Jack the Rat Terrier Redux}

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I was lucky enough to photograph little Jack twice. On our first session, shown here, I headed to his Denver home to photograph him in his yard, neighborhood, and living room. On that visit I learned that he is very determined to protect his backyard from squirrels, which proves to be quite the task when there are more than a few squirrels messing with you.  When he isn’t on backyard patrol or playing with toys, Jack seemed so laid-back and a like such a sweetheart. Plus his eyes could melt your soul! On our second session, viewed below, Jack, his owner, and I met up in Lyons, Colorado to get some photos out in nature. It was here that I more fully saw how Jack looked to his owner for guidance. I love the image of Jack looking at his owner on the bridge, trying so hard to please.

Jack was adopted from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, but he was recently diagnosed with a serious heart condition, and may not be around as long as everyone would like. I am hopeful after seeing his spunk while chasing squirrels and his interest in all goings-on along on the river in Lyons, that he has much, much, much more time here to melt souls with those beautiful eyes. I hope that I have captured Jack’s personality for his owner and those who love him.

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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Colorado Pet Photography {Introducing Kitties Lucy and Floyd}

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Introducing Berthoud kitties Lucy and Floyd. These two were adopted from the Longmont Humane Society in September. They were still new to the family they day we did our shoot, so they weren’t quite their crazy selves! I can’t wait to photograph them again in their comfort zone. Lucy, the multi-colored cat, is pretty much the most delicate-looking cat that I’ve ever seen, but that shouldn’t full anyone for a second: she seems to be the instigator of the two. As you can probably tell, Floyd, the black cat, is fearless. He enjoyed scoping out my camera bag during the session and has been known to boldly approach the family dog. Enjoy!

All images © Susannah Allen 2012

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