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Indoor Pet Session

Denver Dog Photos {Trinket and Brewster}

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I enjoyed every second of my Denver photo session with Trinket, a Jack Russell, and Brewster, a Miniature Poodle Mix. Their house was amazing. The teal ottoman would be perfect in a photo studio! The gray-ish headboard on the bed could have been a studio backdrop. The graphic rug made head shots pop.

But, of course, mainly I enjoyed meeting and hanging out with the stars of the day, Trinket and Brewster. Trinket was a relaxed Jack Russell, surprising her owner on how good she was in front of the lens. And Brewster, the miniature poodle mix who we were expecting to be the star, was adorable, although a little camera shy, opting to hide on the bed for parts of the session. (This is really common–pets who you expect to be easy to photograph are often the harder one!)


All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2014

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Boulder Colorado Pet Cat (and Turtle!) Photo Session

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Last May I headed into Boulder to photograph Laurie’s two cats and a turtle! Although I was super excited to photograph my first turtle (and a very spunky one at that), it was another bittersweet pet session. Laurie’s cat Rocky wasn’t doing so well, and she wanted to do a professional photo session while she still could. Even though both cats weren’t sure about my camera and lenses, they tolerated me, and even showed how they warmed up by playing. Since this session, Rocky has crossed the rainbow bridge, where I would like to believe he is in no pain, has limitless treats, and beautiful weather.


All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2013

Denver “Studio” Dogs Pet Photography

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Before Thanksgiving, we headed into Denver to photograph two beautiful golden retrievers. The dogs primped for the bright lights–we brought our lighting to turn their home into a photography studio. This kind of session is always a surprise–you never know how the dogs will react to the equipment and the flashing lights. Although Nissa and Sara did a great job, an abundance of treats definitely helped. If you are interested in hosting a studio session in your home, just email info@chloepetphotography.com.

All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2013

Rescue Dog Photographs {Boulder, Colorado Photo Studio}

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Giving back to the animal community is important to Chloe Pet Photography. I have volunteered my photography skills with the Longmont Humane Society, donated pet photo sessions to fundraisers for animal organizations, and photographed dogs to help them find their forever home. I photographed this dog, Angel, for the Wag N Train Terrier Rescue out of Omaha, Nebraska. Even though the organization is in Nebraska, Angel was being fostered by a woman in Colorado. Angel was super calm and sweet to photograph. Do you like the studio images or the natural lighting (but still indoors) images better?

All images © Susannah Allen for Chloe Pet Photography 2013

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Longmont Pet Cat Photography

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I’ve been busy prepping this new website with the help of the awesome folks at Into the Darkroom, the company that is responsible for all of my websites. I still have more set-up to do, and am always open to feedback, so let me know what you think.

I thought I would share these images of our cat Pippa. Every once in a while, I turn a corner in our home, and find her in an unusual spot. This always brings a smile to my face. Sometimes it will just be her tale poking out from under a piece of furniture. On the day in the photographs, I found her up high on an armoire that she rarely climbs.

After she had enough of the armoire, she thought she’d catch up on the world news by reading the Sunday New York Times.


All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2013