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a ragdoll cat with blue eyes looks up

Boulder Special Event and Boulder Cat Photography

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I am in CRAZY CAT LADY mode! A Boulder cat photography special event is abou to take place…just a couple more weeks until March 11 and Crazy Cat Lady studio cat photography sessions. (You can easily sign up at the web page that I linked to. ) And, I am offering a giveaway through Instagram to help sweeten the deal (so that you have more money to buy cat toys and cat treats). Make a video of your Colorado cat mentioning Chloe Pet Photography and stating why they should win a free mini session using the “My Talking Pet” app. Post it on IG with the hashtags #coloradocat and #crazycatlady. One movie will be chose to win a free cat mini session. It’s like herding cats!!!

And, to go with that theme, I am sharing photos from that fall outdoor pet cat photography session. This was one of my favorite pet sessions to date–the cats were so amazing, good looking, curious, and chill. I couldn’t pick a favorite cat or even a couple favorite images from the photo session–I loved them all!

Enjoy the beautiful Boulder cat photography. And please spread the word about the pet sessions! $25 from each mini will be donated to the Boulder Valley Humane Society.


All images © Susannah Allen

sneak peek of ourdoor pet cat photos

Gorgeous Cats in Boulder Backyard

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Rag Doll, Maine Coon, and Fluffy Cat Photos

Boulder, Colorado Outdoor Pet Cat Photography

On Sunday I was blessed to hang out with three amazing cats and their human in a Boulder, Colorado backyard. For the couple of hours that I spent with Wither the Rag Doll cat, Marge the beautiful fluffy mixed-breed cat, and Maisy the Maine Coon, I was enthralled with their beauty, their friendliness, and their chill factor. Below is a sneak peek cat portrait of each of them — enjoy their awesome catness and look forward to more pet photos in the not so distant future.

erie-colorado-backyard-wedding-ideas_0323 erie-colorado-backyard-wedding-ideas_0324 erie-colorado-backyard-wedding-ideas_0325

All images © Susannah Allen 2016



Boulder Colorado Pet Cat (and Turtle!) Photo Session

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Last May I headed into Boulder to photograph Laurie’s two cats and a turtle! Although I was super excited to photograph my first turtle (and a very spunky one at that), it was another bittersweet pet session. Laurie’s cat Rocky wasn’t doing so well, and she wanted to do a professional photo session while she still could. Even though both cats weren’t sure about my camera and lenses, they tolerated me, and even showed how they warmed up by playing. Since this session, Rocky has crossed the rainbow bridge, where I would like to believe he is in no pain, has limitless treats, and beautiful weather.


All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2013

Longmont Pet Cat Photography

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I’ve been busy prepping this new website with the help of the awesome folks at Into the Darkroom, the company that is responsible for all of my websites. I still have more set-up to do, and am always open to feedback, so let me know what you think.

I thought I would share these images of our cat Pippa. Every once in a while, I turn a corner in our home, and find her in an unusual spot. This always brings a smile to my face. Sometimes it will just be her tale poking out from under a piece of furniture. On the day in the photographs, I found her up high on an armoire that she rarely climbs.

After she had enough of the armoire, she thought she’d catch up on the world news by reading the Sunday New York Times.


All images © Chloe Pet Photography 2013