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Wow! These Denver Dog Photos

By September 26, 2016Dogs, Outdoor Pet Session, Pets
two dogs look out from a store front

Hello! I cannot believe that I haven’t shared these AMAZING dog photos from a South Pearl Street Denver pet photography session that took place so long ago…

Wait, I can believe it. You see, after my best friend Chloe (and my business mascot) ran away on February 9, 2015, my heart needed to take a break from photographing other people’s pets. Chloe was my best girl, my navigator, my shadow, my constant companion. I was heart-broken, and hanging out with dogs just lost some of its pizzazz and allure.

But after over a year, I realized I miss it. I miss capturing dogs running through light and shadow, happy as can be. I miss wet noses and wagging tails and dogs dancing by arching their ribs to and fro, to and fro, to and fro. I miss floppy ears and pointed ears and paw pads and nails hitting my hands in a high five gesture.

So, here I am, back at it and ready for your business. To book a session, fill out my contact form.


All images © Susannah Allen


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