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Guilty Pet Dog Photo {It’s Okay Chloe}

By March 28, 2013About, Dogs

I was running so many errands yesterday–a 7:20 a.m. dentist appointment (that I was actually a couple minutes early for), a mid-morning appointment in Boulder, running to the post office to send off some digital files to a client, picking out knobs for our closet remodel–that I forgot to put the kitchen trash outside during a brief stop at home. When I returned from the last errand and  was greeted by old cans of dog food and cat food in the middle of the living room floor, I realized my mistake. And as I turned the corner, my fears were confirmed: a band of wild raccoons had been scavenging through my kitchen. Or wait. It was just good old Chloe. She couldn’t resist the stinky trash, even though she was hiding in shame as I inspected the mess. Poor girl, I made her pose for a photo and tried not to giggle.

What naughty things to your pets do and then express guilt upon being discovered?!


© Chloe Pet Photography 2013

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