Meet us–Chloe and Susannah.

Our Mascot

Chloe is the inspiration behind Chloe Pet Photography. My snow dog. Water girl. Bacon lover. Cinnamon toast lover. Running partner. Dance partner. Navigator. Back up singer. St. Mary’s College of Maryland graduate. Hiker. No self control when it comes to dirty socks or dead fish. Fastest dog in the dog park. Endurance swimmer. Gemini. Softest ears in the universe that flop up and down as she walks. Paws smell like peanut butter. My best friend. Throughout the rest of my life, she will be there, just around the bend. I love you madly Chloe Girl.

The Photographer

Nope, the business owner is not Chloe–it is me, Susannah. I started photographing people’s pets over five years ago, and love spending time with all types of animals. In addition to loving black dogs, I have a thing for cats, especially bossy ones (like my cat Pippa) and fluffy orange ones (like my cat Harry).

Besides loving on dogs and cats and other animals, I have a husband and two energetic boys. I enjoy getting outside and playing whenever I can, and especially love running and hiking Colorado’s awe-inspiring Fourteeners. Camping and rafting are also okay in my book. I am obsessed with mountain lions, all things Maryland (my home state)(go Cal!), and Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream.
Thank you so much for stopping by the website for Chloe Pet Photography.

She captured him at his very cutest and the photos were fantastic. I highly recommend working with her...her pictures are stunning.

Jennifer H.

Susannah is a delight to work with. As a true animal lover, her gentle, playful, compassionate nature shines through in every shot. Susannah has the rare ability to get down on your pet's level and put them at ease, and capture their true personality. I couldn't be happier with the photos she took of my dog, Ira.

Kathleen M.

Susannah couldn't have captured the personality and spirit of my cat, Jonas, more perfectly. She portrayed his profound serious side in addition to his playful personality in her photos.

Tracy W.

Susannah did a wonderful job photographing my dogs and cats. She was so patient and good humored with all of them even though none of the animals wanted to sit still on the backdrop.

Tracy C.

Susannah has such an innate talent of capturing the innocent (or mischievous) nature of pets. I am always photographing my pets but do not nearly compare to the artistry and professionalism of Susannah's photos.

Carly R.

You captured the spirits of my girls perfectly! Thank you!

Rachel S.