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Wow! More Denver Dog Portraits

By February 14, 2017Dogs, Outdoor Pet Session, Pets
a great dane nose


Today is the day of love. I am celebrating by sitting near the open kitchen window, breathing in that mild Front Range winter air (for today at least!). I am looking at more pet photos of the dogs Alfie and Kylie from a pet session in Denver. My cat Harry is sniffing in the fresh air and circling around me purring. Life is good on this day of love!

I’ve been thinking. (Ha, that makes me laugh.) Anyway, since having kiddos and running my own pet photography business, I’ve been living life more on the surface. I haven’t delved into deeper thoughts, you know, life THE MEANING OF LIFE type stuff. But as I look through these dog portraits, I feel happy and light and airy. I feel joyful, I feel reassured. Dogs and cats are joy. They are light. They balance out any of the dark shadow type stuff…whatever that all means.

On this day of love, I came across a photo of Kylie with a heart toy. How perfect to share these photos on this day.

Later today I will put together pieces of my upcoming Crazy Cat Lady Mini Sessions (!!!), and I can’t wait to share the details with you all. The event will be March 11 in Boulder, with 10 slots open for fun and daring pet owners and their feline friends. More info will follow. And then after that, I’ll spend the evening with my loved ones (and maybe a glass of red wine), taking in all of this wonderful life, reveling in fun and happiness and love.

Enjoy the pet photos, and thank you for visiting my site! And if you want to see these great dogs in a more urban Denver setting, visit this blog post.


All images © Susannah Allen


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