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Boulder Special Event and Boulder Cat Photography

By February 24, 2017Blog, Cats
a ragdoll cat with blue eyes looks up

I am in CRAZY CAT LADY mode! A Boulder cat photography special event is abou to take place…just a couple more weeks until March 11 and Crazy Cat Lady studio cat photography sessions. (You can easily sign up at the web page that I linked to. ) And, I am offering a giveaway through Instagram to help sweeten the deal (so that you have more money to buy cat toys and cat treats). Make a video of your Colorado cat mentioning Chloe Pet Photography and stating why they should win a free mini session using the “My Talking Pet” app. Post it on IG with the hashtags #coloradocat and #crazycatlady. One movie will be chose to win a free cat mini session. It’s like herding cats!!!

And, to go with that theme, I am sharing photos from that fall outdoor pet cat photography session. This was one of my favorite pet sessions to date–the cats were so amazing, good looking, curious, and chill. I couldn’t pick a favorite cat or even a couple favorite images from the photo session–I loved them all!

Enjoy the beautiful Boulder cat photography. And please spread the word about the pet sessions! $25 from each mini will be donated to the Boulder Valley Humane Society.


All images © Susannah Allen

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