January is Walk Your Dog Month. I am sure someone somewhere established this pet celebration to help motivate dog lovers to keep taking great care of their pooches as winter wears on and the temperatures continue to get colder. (Except for here in Colorado, where you never know how the weather will go!) And, did […]

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Walk Your Dog Month is Here!

black and white photo of a couple walking dogs in nederland, colorado

December is cat lovers’ month! And what better way to celebrate than by gifting the cat lover in your life with a gift certificate for pet photography?! (I offer any dollar amount–inquire today by filling out my contact form.) Keep reading for top ideas on how to celebrate cat lovers’ month, the month that every […]

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December is Cat Lovers’ Month

gray cat on blue ground

I have two cats, Harry and Pippa. Harry spends most of his day hiding from everyone except me. If I am around and everything is quiet in the house, you can find him sitting on me. Pippa is a tomboy, and may think she’s a dog. She loves being outside, greeting people and pets, and […]

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Top Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

white cat in boulder backyard

This is a question I receive ALL THE TIME! What about your pet’s behavior? What if they aren’t well-behaved? What if they are stressed? What if they are shy? I have several thoughts on the matter of your pet’s behavior–keep reading for tips and ideas. First, do not worry!!! Pets can totally read that worry […]

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What About My Pet’s Behavior?

bonk, a dog hits the camera lens with his nose

How many of you have had dogs who are afraid of fireworks? I feel like this fear, which may lead to dogs bolting from yards and owners, is why July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. And I know firsthand the effects of lost pets–my best girl Chloe ran away several years ago, and we […]

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National Lost Pet Prevention Month

cute dog in denver backyard

And I sure love shelter cats. My husband and I adopted our cat Pippa from the Boulder Humane Several about 10 years. Pippa has brought us so much joy over the past decade (and I am happy to report she is still going strong!). Keep reading this blog post to see how you can prepare […]

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June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

two boulder cats hang out on a table

On Sunday I photographed three amazing cats and their human in a Boulder, Colorado backyard. They were Wither the Rag Doll cat, Marge the beautiful fluffy mixed-breed cat, and Maisy the Maine Coon. I was enthralled with their beauty, their friendliness, and their chill factor.


Gorgeous Cats in Boulder Backyard

portrait of a maine coon cat taken in boulder backyard

Last May I headed into Boulder to photograph Laurie’s two cats and a turtle! Although I was super excited to photograph my first turtle (and a very spunky one at that), it was another bittersweet pet session.


Boulder Colorado Pet Cat (and Turtle!) Photo Session

boulder cat looks out of a box