The true story behind the disappearance of my muse, Chloe. She is the best friend a girl could ask for.


The Story Behind Chloe’s Disappearance

happy chloe girl smiles on her birthday

Last month I went away to New York to visit family. After being there a couple days, I received the kind of text that everyone hates. “Chloe isn’t doing too well,” it said. My brain flashed to the worst. For over 14 years, I’ve been doing my best to ignore the truth (just like every other pet owner) that my best girl won’t always be my shadow.


Our Mascot Chloe and Vestibular Disease

chloe the dog nods her head

My best girl Chloe, muse for my pet photography business, is a teenager. She turned 13 in June and to celebrate her day, we headed to Longmont’s Union Reservoir dog beach with her friends Ollie and Timber.


August 14, Colorado Dog Photography {Union Reservoir Birthday}

two dogs swim in longmont's union reservoir while holding onto sticks