On Sunday I photographed three amazing cats and their human in a Boulder, Colorado backyard. They were Wither the Rag Doll cat, Marge the beautiful fluffy mixed-breed cat, and Maisy the Maine Coon. I was enthralled with their beauty, their friendliness, and their chill factor.


Gorgeous Cats in Boulder Backyard

portrait of a maine coon cat taken in boulder backyard

Images from a pet session with Mr. Angus taken in Denver last winter. We photographed the client in his own backyard, and I loved it.


Denver Pet Dog Photography {Angus at Home}

dog peaks around his denver home

Meet Jack, one of my favorite dogs to photograph yet. His demeanor is so calm (unless he is guarding his back yard from squirrels or chasing toys around his house) and he is so eager to please his owner that photographing him was a breeze.


October 14, Denver Pet Dog Photography {Jack the Rat Terrier}

cute dog in denver backyard